Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garry Barker, aftermath and evaluation

So, we didn't get the pitch, but Liam and Dave, Charlotte and Vickie, the joint winners utterly deserved it. Not because our design was bad, but because our net was too complicated. Dave and Liam produced something that performed a similar function but did it more efficiently and with much more adaptability to it. I think that was ultimately the falling point of our design, and it's something we didn't really consider, which highlights the importance of asking other people for advice on your work, I guess. We produced some nice layouts and cover designs though and Garry seemed impressed with the standard of work. He suggested that we talk to him if we wanted to work with another artist and it's definitely something I want to do. In order to potentially land this brief I just need to go to a meeting next Wednesday at 10am to see what he can come up with and hopefully we can go for it.

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