Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music Zine: Initial concept and design stages.

OK, so I started looking at how this brief was going to function. There's a list of features I'm thinking of working with. After that initial research into bands from the scene ages ago, I figured that having an article on a different Kinsella band every issue. Their bands, Cap'n Jazz, American Football are regarded as some of the most influential. There's also all the interviews that I've managed to set up.

Now for some more names, I like Cassette, but it's been done before. Magnetic Tape has a similar meaning but it's more ambiguous, vague and artistic sounding so I'm wanting to go ahead with this one. Those involved heavily in the DIY/lo-fi scenes will probably pick up on it as a technical term, and for those who don't, I think it's obscure enough a name to generate intrigue.

Then there's packaging the magazine and tape tgether, which I'm not sure how I'm going to do still, but I'm thinking either a plastic wallet or wrapping it i paper and sealing it with a sticker. I thought briefly about title fonts, I'm going to begin messing around with magnetic tape to try and spell the title. I thought about a pixel font too but I think that conveys too many digital connotations.

And here's some very quick visual ideas, they gave me enough to want to start playing around with making compositions with tape and seeing how they work. I want to do this with a view to beginning designing with them, and seeing how they work.

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