Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alternative direction

I started working with the magnetic tape writing idea, but using a script font and the brush tool to create a similar effect much more quickly. I think it works pretty well, especially when it's reversed out. I then worked with using a circle/star shape to put the issue number and other details into it.

I think the visual language of this is a lot more informal, and probably suits the type of music a lot more effectively. The other, to me, now seems far too highbrow. This seems more friendly with the person that's reading it, rather than quite cold and calculated like the other direction.

I also put in the phrase 'DIY AS FUCK' and other such sweary terms because it makes the book seem informal, but it also puts out a message about what kind of music the zine deals with ina very direct and immediate way. Something else that I think the other direction may have been lacking.

I started using bebas, a bold condensed font because I started getting inspired by work such as this, which has a very letterpress, old school feel, which seems quite approachable, and suits the DIY scene quite well:

I then mocked up a contents page accordingly, using the visual language of the cover to inform it, I like the way bebas works in this, as well as the wavy magnetic tape type of contents. There's a nice contrast there that makes it a lot more playful than the other direction, which I really like. I'm not sure whether I prefer it white or reversed out on the verso page.

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