Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion yearbook cover.

The fashion team showed us this cover as something they want it to look like. Whilst using the bolts and the screws might be a bit of a stretch, it might be possible to use a thinner paper of about 300gsm that's more malleable and can go round the spine more easily than 500gsm pulp board.

Here's some modifications ot the designs tryialling more typefaces, we were under the assumption they were happy with the typeface for quite a few weeks but apparently they want it changed, so that's fine, but I wish the team on their end had better communication so we knew about this a bit sooner.

The black will be foil blocked, obviously, theres a few that seem to be working more than others that need a few tweaks. Mainly the one that has a reversed out rectangle with a hole at the end, it kind of hints at a fashion tag, but it's quite abstract and avoids being corny. I've tried out a few different serif fonts, namely Georgia, Baskerville and Caslon, of these I think Caslon looks the most interesting, especially when you italicise the ampersand, which changes completely.

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