Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Context update, detailed chapter explanation

OK so this is a more detailed map of how my context book is going to work. Either it's going to be one big book with sections and chapters or I'll break it up into smaller books and package them, either with a belly band, or with a box of some kind.

Designer case studies: Each studio will be a chapter, this will be broken into interviews and examples of their work.

Typefaces: Each typeface will be a different chapter, it will cover, origins, interesting facts, then detailed type specs.

Print Finishes: Similarly to typefaces, the chapters will be broken into each print finish, how they're done, rough estimates and appropriate uses with images of good examples.

Publications: Each publication is going to be a chapter, I'm going to get interviews and then try and look at their type-specs.

So there we have 4 very different sections with anywhere up to 10 chapters, dependent on the content I get.

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