Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Resolving the Fashion Yearbook

OK, so yesterday we were told to go with this hideous purple colour to distinguish between the two pathways. Especially on board/rough grey paper stock. We were told to go with avant garde based on some type specs that Ross presented (which were really good) and so we had to play around with using that.

We spoke to Paul and we all agreed that this was not the route to take, it didn't look professional or well considered. So we went on and found a new way to distinguish between the two:

The lines haven't registered very well on this pdf, but it looks similar to my business card (see PPD blog) anyway, this looks much more dynamic and fashion-esque and will sit better on the grey natural stock they were after.

I'm awaiting some photo samples from Paul to stick in the page layouts, as well as final approval of this direction. We have our high spec, which is the paper they want, plus the foil block for the text. We have the low spec, which is no foil block and standard paper and we have the mid spec, which is the paper with no foil block.

Here are the final selections of layouts that Paul is choosing from:

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