Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meeting with Paul

So today we had our meeting with Paul and it could not have gone better. We presented Paul with the things he needed to do. To email the Fashion students asking them to supply us with information: 40 words max on their design practice, their web address, their email address and their phone number. We agreed to set a deadline and if they don't meet it, then they will not be in the year book. It's a system Fred put in place for our yearbook and it's a good one to motivate people and stop them dragging behind. So that's been agreed to be emailed by monday.

He also agreed to contact the photography department to begin organising a photographer, but we've also managed to secure Adam Fussell between the meeting and now(linked earlier in the blog so this might not be an issue, but we will have the discussion with Paul.

We then showed him my pitch that I'd worked on for the yearbook (a group discussion had led to the conclusion that it was the most resolved and it looked specifically at how to resolve the two different pathways that the course has.

The image quality as well as the setting (rough workshop) was something he really liked. He also liked how we'd divided the book and the way of setting out the photographs:

Route B: Fashion and Design, which focuses on Garments

this would have one shot of the whole garment, and one or two shots of detailing.

Route A: Fashion and Innovation

This takes into account the idea of their logo, branding in context and then a shot of their garments.
His problem was then, he liked the photo idea for the cover, but how could it be applied to the inside. Ross had an inspired reference that he came to which was these photographs by Claude Maus. The rustic workshop, minimal feel to them is exactly what Paul had in his mind and it's something we like to. So it really feels like the concept of the cover designs and the concept for the way the photos are shot on the inside has really really come together quite early.

Because the cover shot it sort of conceptual rather than provided by them, we agreed that this would be our responsibility. The rest of the photograph will be inspired by the shots we get for the cover, but organising and supplying us with those photographs is still Paul's responsibility. Myself and Jonny agreed to look at Vernon Street as a possible location, which we will do tomorrow.

We also pitched the idea of using uncoated stocks and showed him some from the Duffield Printers that they have in all the time, so it shouldn't cost as much. He was keen because the glossy one from last year got covered in greasy finger prints constantly.

We still haven't got a number on the print run, but that's something Paul is trying to sort out as we speak. Jonny is going to get quotes from the printers on the friday, so he's going to ask about both 500 and 1000 copies so we get an initial idea about costing for both and we can present them with both.

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