Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starting a new brief

I've realised that I'm spending a lot of time on Magnetic Tape, which is fair enough in that I enjoy the project, it's something I care about. However, I'm waiting for content from interviews etc. So whilst there is a few sort of slowages in this brief, I'm going to start the 'Kubrik' brief. But I've rewritten it.

I've rewritten it for a few reasons; firstly, the layouts for academic texts are fairly standard, and therefore it doesn't really give me an opportunity to design. Secondly, I want to reduce this brief down a bit, this will allow me to make room for magnetic tape and the mario merz exhibition brief, both of which are quite big. So below is the brief, I have decided to design 10 covers for faber and faber, all of which are essays on film directors. This will allow me to play around with a few different approaches before applying one particular style to all of them to make them work as a set.

the directors are:Kubrik, Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Scorsese, Winterbottom, Hitchcock, Lynch, The Coens, Malik, Finchner.

Here are some initial responses. I've gone down a photographic route and a really simple shape route so far. The shapes are a 'kubikian corridor' and 'the monolith' from 2001: A space odyssey. I think they're more effective than the photographic route, allthough, that in it's self is quite a nice sophisticated photograph that suits the academic tone. I want to do another direction where I start picking out famous attributes of the directors; hitchcock's profile, kubrick's beard and eyebrows, so you get a set of weird portraits.

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