Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I need to organise:

I had a tutorial with Lorenzo today, I took some positives in that he said I have a good standard/quality of work. The problems he had, and I actually agree entirely, are that I don't investigate a broad enough range of typography, format or colour to ensure I know I'm choosing the absolute best. Secondly, that my context blog is becoming about exploring all of the briefs individually. There's not a real focus of exploration of things that I enjoy, in terms of work specifically for me.

OK, so with that in mind, I propose two things, firstly, with the Kubrik brief that I immedietely start working on different typographic treatments, different formats and different colour choices. If I explore them methodically one by one, I should have a system in place that will help with the other briefs, unless certain things are already dictated like the format and colour in the music zine. But I think I need to go away with that one and really explore more typographical possibilities.

In terms of the context, I need to start methodically exploring different things. I want to produce 2 separate publications, one with the case studies from designers and printers (lets hope that more printers get back in touch or it will be a small publication indeed.) The second will focus on printed publication design for the culture industry. Within this I need to explore:

Publication design for Fashion, within this I need to look at some of the financial side of things, but then a breadth of possibilities regarding this.

Publication design for Music, particularly independent and DIY music. Both in terms of how this industry works and showcasing a breadth of inspirational design.

Publication design for cinema, particularly regarding art films and the intellectual side of things.

Publication and print design for the design industry: This one encompasses everything including designer's stationery, promotional materials, design magazines, independent zines. There's so much interesting work going on with it that I'm kind of drawn to the most innovative design that comes out of it.

Stationery design: there's so many different lovely stationery design work that can influence not only work for stationery if I get any, but can feed into publication design for definite.

I will label these with; stationery design, for design industry, for cinema, for music, for fashion. This will provide me with a structure in my head that will allow me to explore a really thorough range of contextual research with a system to it.

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