Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion Disasters

OK so today we had to pitch what was oging on to Amber, unfortunately Ross made it sound really negative, the information we were supposed to be supplied with by Paul has failed to materialise, including still not knowing the number of copies we need as part of our run. It wasn't as bad as Ross made it sound, but it did make me realise how much we've let it slide. I guess we placed a lot of trust in Paul to deliver and he hasn't as of yet. Also, though, we haven't done a lot of designing since the initial pitch of my proposal that we gave Paul. Having all these problems, we spoke to Amber and decided to create a plan of action:

Request this information from Paul and stress the urgency;
-the number of copies
-30-40 word bio from students
-their contact details
-quote from himself and Sue about the course
-a deadline for the photography


Meanwhile, I'm goign to hand over the work I did for the pitch to Ross, Jonny and Kate for them to blow apart and change around because I'm stuck in a rut of just doing the same thing with it at th emoment, I need them to try out new things for me to feed off of, this will mean we have a series of different looking spreads to present to Joe in our meeting with him at 1.30 tomorrow.

The meeting with Paul felt constructive at the time, we set out our agenda and he agreed we needed to sort things out urgently, I think the reality of how tight time is really hit home with him.
-He's given us the print run, which will be 600 copies... hopefully this relaxes our budget a little bit and allows us to get some accurate quotes.
-He's set a deadline for fashion tutors and students info for Monday, but we're going to contact the course administrator and make sure she sends out an email.
-He's set an accurate and feasible deadline to have all photographs to us by May 11th, which seems quite late, but hopefully we'll have the full skeleton for all of the photographs to go into so it's just menial labour by then, that we can divide four ways to make it go quicker.

Unfortunately he was going to email me the minutes today and he's failed to do so, which makes me worry that it's going to be the same old unorganised mess, so I've let Fred know about that, he was going to be CC'd into the email anyway, and if it continues and I don't get an email by tomorrow I'm going to let Fred start talking to Sue to try and take care of this situation before it spirals out of control.

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