Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Printing proofs

I've got to a point now where most of the magazine is assembled and it looked to a standard I was broadly happy with (tweaks aside) So I figured it's probably time to print proofs and see how it's looking and correct any errors that become apparent in print. Here are the first proofs and my corrections, I'm going to print proofs again in the morning, just to ensure that the corrections are to my liking:

With the cover, the white wasn't quite white which was an issue. Also, I'm going to try the title centrally aligned more like the 'Kinsella Chronicles' type, which is more framed by the 'tape' vector running through it, where as it's a little distracting on the cover here.

On this spread I need to correct some widows and double check the alignment, I wasn't sure I was happy with this one on screen but the print looks of a nice quality, and the photo, the standard of black and the contrast is pretty nice. Also, it became apparent across all the spreads that the line weight of the division lines was too heavy at 2 pt, so I'm going to try taking it down to 1 pt and see what that looks like.

I really like this spread, but need to correct some typos. I don't think the widows matter here so much because they're very small chunks of writing, relatively spaced out, so your eye needs to move fro one paragraph to another in a way that's quite broken up anyway, however I will try and correct some of these.

This spread isn't working as well as I think it could, the photo looks too short and wide. It feels very awkward and forced in. I'm going to try and reduce the column height on the left hand side to make more room for the photograph. I think that the type and 'tape' vectors feel a little forced in too, so I'm going to try and reduce the presence of the vectors and create more space for them to breathe. Also, I need to correct as many of the widows as possible, and there are a few alignment issues.

This one works reaosnably well, I need to bring more white into the photograph, because there's not enough contrast in it at present. There's some spacing issues between questions and answers at the moment that need correcting, as well as widowing issues.

The problem with reversed out spreads is that I put a 0.1 weight line on them to make sure they don't get lost in the bleed, the problem is that this is too much, the text looks ridiculously weighty, so I'm going to take it down to 0.01 pt and hopefully this will still protect against the bleed.

Apart form a spelling error, I really like this spread, I think it looks really clean and sophisticated, and there's no widows, huzzah!

So I'll make these changes today, and barring a major crisis with the fashion book tomorrow, I'm going to try and print these proofs, make any additional changes and have the negatives ready for screen-printing on Thursday.

Things I need to do:
-I've realised that I made a bit of a cock-up on the paper size, it's 2 cm wider than the fold down of sugar paper, but! I really like this format, the fact that it's between A5 and A4 makes it quite a nice companion sized booklet. It also means I've opened myself up tot he idea of different stocks that are still cheap. I want to try different colours, which is something that can perhaps change from issue to issue, these are things to test when I've got the screens ready, make a few test prints and ensure everything is OK.

-I need to figure out how to package it, I have a few options; comic wallets, wrapping it in paper sealed with a vinyl sticker, tying it with magnetic tape, so I'll try those out ASAP too.

-I need to finalise some distribution options; contact record stores local to Newcastle, which I will do tonight.

-additional materials such as a poster and a badge would be good too, so I need to cost those up and see whether they're feasible

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