Thursday, March 17, 2011

Email form Paul

So Paul emailed quite late last night with the timescales on his side, and we have to use this to work out our own timescales, which is something we need to do this morning, but this is definitely an encouraging step in the right direction in terms of getting this brief back on track.

Dear Graphics students,

Further to our meeting earlier today, please find a Production Schedule below.
(Please factor your own production time around this schedule and e-mail it to me)

Monday 21st March
Test Photo-shoot/Location

- Front, Back and Inner Visuals

Wednesday 23rd March (rearranged date)
Student & Tutor Biography Deadline

- Inner pages with Biographies

- Website design

Tuesday 26th April
Student Product/Garment/Promotion Hand-in

Tuesday 3rd May – Friday 6th May
Photo-shoot in Print Room (specific times TBC)

Monday 9rd May
Images on disc to Paul Luke

Wednesday 11th May
Return selected images on disc

- Placing Images

- Website design

- Amends and proofing

Monday 23rd May
Send to print

Friday 27th May
Completed Books delivered

Saturday 28th May
Find major typo’ whilst admiring your fine work...

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your creative and professional attitude towards this project.

See y’all Monday 2.30pm – Room 206.

Paul Luke

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