Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Covers, more focused direction:

OK, so I didn't really know what I wanted to do with these book cover designs, but below are a series of images that represent the kind of direction I want to go in, using shape, form and colour to represent the director's film style, rather than using something more literal. Below are some more abstract cover designs:

This is a nice piece of abstract image making, however it's really difficult to tell what the book is about because there is no typographic content. For whatever conceptual reason this may be, to the laymen to 'zen masters' it means absolutely nothing, so I think I need to ensure I have type to contextualise the shape/image generation that I do.

This isn't technically that abstract, but it's a veyr simple, stri[pped down cover design, that I think works quite well.

This is much more the kind of thing I'm into, the really abstract shapes are nicely composed and tied together with the typography below it pretty well. I want to make sure the shapes are related directly to the film traits of the director, but are enjoyable, simply as abstract shapes.

Again, just very simple shapes used to make an alien-like face. This is perhaps too figurative for what I'm aiming towards, but the simplicity is important.

I think the simplicity of this one is also something to admire, it's nothing special, just very strong, simple design that makes a very attractive cover.

basic print-making is also a possibility to explore, perhaps even collaborating with a printed-textile student in order to get nice prints that represent the film-makers accurately.

The intricacy of this is something that could directly influence the Kubrick book, although it is a bit of an eyesore, also not a fan of the central skull and crossbones.

This one is vaguely figurative, but I think it's abstract enough for me to apply something similar to what I'm looking at.

A really beautiful abstract approach, with nie colour choices.

Similar to above, but I'm not a fan of how delicate this looks, I think it needs to be more stripped down, given a lot fo the film-makers come from a a less traditional background. Sans-serif seems more appropriate.

I like that this is manufactured entirely from playing around with paper and a hole punch, the simplicity of the idea is what makes it quite clever in my eyes. Messing around with paper might be something I should pursue.

Again, abstract circles, limited colour palette and a strong simple outcome.

Background generated by simple mark-making.

Again, the intricacy is Kubrik-esque, so that's something worth exploring, playing around with detailed, optical imagery.

Another book cover generated using simple mark-making exercises.

I think what is clear from this is that I need to try a variety of approaches to mark making based on research into the film-maker's stylistic traits/quirks, and see what I generate.

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