Monday, March 28, 2011

Context review and where to go form here

So far I've been focusing on getting designers to email me answers to questions for my case studies, but this hasn't yielded many results. I'm going to email some more, perhaps with the strategy of having questions already on the email, rather than doing it after the exchange of a few emails.

Also I need to start getting beyond just this, to a wider range of contextual research. So, what interests me:

Typography, Print Finish, Publications.

So, I think what would be interesting would be to pick some of my favourite typefaces and do some thorough research on each. Look at a large range of interesting print finishes, how they're achieved and average costing. Finally look at some of the best publication work I've seen out there.

-Akzidenz Grotesque

Print Finish:
-Foil Blocking
-Spot Varnish
-metallic ink
-fluorescent ink

I think the publications requires a lot of further research before I commit to any, but I'll try and get in contact with the designers of these things when I find out who they are.

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