Sunday, March 13, 2011

The remaining spreads

So I finally got my interviews back from My Castle, Your Castle and Pianos Become The Teeth. Thanks to Kevin from Topshelf, I also have permission to use some really great tracks on the Cassette mix I want to include, this means that I also was able to begin working on the 'Cassette Jams' spread, knowing exactly what content I have for it.

Pianos Become The Teeth:

With this one, the interview answers were mostly pretty blunt, which is fair enough, he was pressed for time. What it does mean however, is that there wasn't that much content for the spread, which left a gap in one of the columns, so I had to think of a way of removing that empty space to make it look a little more considered. I managed to resolve this using the flowy magnetic tape coming off of the type to fill the space. I also tried reversing it out, which I think I'm going to stick with to ensure that some of the magazine is quite black heavy, I think this will create a real diversity from page to page. The image unfortunately Pianos didn't supply me with, so I have to make sure I get permission from the photographer, which shouldn't be an issue, but if this is going into the public domain, then I need to ensure that everything is done properly so I don't get sued.

Cassette Jams:
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The Cassette Jams page was quite nice to work with, because like the contents and to an extent, the Cap'n Jazz spread, it didn't have to conform to the elements in the interview spreads. It gave me chance to do something different, although it still had to use a similar visual language in order to avoid jarring with every page turn. I started by dividing the tracks into an A-side and a B-side, I thought this would lend it's self to being on different pages, so I worked on ways of doing this, but after trying a few different things out, I think the most successful is definitely the second spread, with Cassette Jams placed in the middle, and the Side A and Side B text large enough to really see it. I used arrows so it links in with the contents page style pretty coherently. I'm relly happy with this spread, I thik because the interviews have to be so standardised, it's really nice to have a bit of an experimental, contemporary and playful side to spreads where possible.

My Castle, Your Castle:

This spread still isn't at a point where I'm satisfied with it's structure, but I do like that the name can be broken into two parts, being able to run that as a header across both spreads. It didn't really work on the one page, divided by the pull quote. I have a good springboard here to try some more things out with it though so that's a positive.

On Monday I'm going to prep some screens in order to be able to start screen-printing this by the end of the week. This gives me a deadline to have the spreads finished by, and allows me to really focus things down for Thursday at the latest. Although the spreads are mostly at a stage where I'm happy with them, they need little tweaks to sort out the widows and the orphans.

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