Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work for crit feedback:

OK, so it's crit time tomorrow and I need to get feedback on some of the work I've been doing. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have time to print proofs, I'm not too worried about this however because they rarely represent the work you're trying to produce accurately, and for that reason they are here on my blog in issuu files for everyone to look at.

Firstly, here is the cover designs I've been working on for the fashion year book. I want to know which of these type treatments seems to be woring the best, the one with nouvelle vague as the main header as well as the sub headers to the side, or the one with futura bold/bold italic as the main header? Also, do you think it works bigger or smaller?

Secondly, the contents of the inside, I began working with the idea of the type working vertically, whilst the images work horizontally, and avoided using headshots, basically I want feedback on whether you think it works. The fashion course is divided into two pathways, one that focuses entirely on garments and one that also focuses on branding and product design. for the two I've looked at two seperate ways of dealing with the photography. Do you think both methods are appropriate?

I've also been working on the music zine brief, to produce a music zine to be distributed for free in independent record stores in Newcastle. I'm actually making this on a run of about 20-30 copies. This means it's black and white, and printed onto folded sugar paper. The fold of the sugar paper makes two different formats, I've designed covers on each, let me know which one is working?

I also designed a contents page, do you think it goes with the direction the cover has headed in well? Is there anything you'd change?

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