Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spread: Sunday League

So I started playing around with the body copy for the Sunday League spread and the photographs that Chris had given me. I tried out a few different things, which are below. Apologies about it starting on the contents page, but I needed a first page in order for the spreads to line up properly in issuu.

Out of those, I feel that these are the ones that work the most successfully.

The layout is strong and clean, but it's very dry, especially compared to the cover design I decided to go with. I like the type in smaller columns though, it reminds me of this work by Workshop, that I'm quite fond of:

The banner is quite fun and playful, but it would better suit the 3rd direction I came up with, that I decided not to go with.

Again the banner works OK here, and the full bleed photograph gives it a bit of an unusual dynamic that I quite like. However it does feel very formal.

This one looks OK, but the pull quote really doesn't look good in Bebas, so that's something to be wary of. I think bold condensed fonts really only suit smaller blocks of text at a reasonably large scale. Otherwise it looks a little awkward on the page.

I really like the full bleed photograph on this one, and the layout looks nice and crisp, but again it seems a bit too formal, copared to the loose script font on the cover.

But I think this spread is the one that incorporates the cover design the most successfully. I'm going to print a proof of this as well, and see if there's any problems with it when you view it as a spread:

This has got to be my favourite, and although I may need to revise bits dependent on how the proof looks, the symmetry of the page, the way the introduction and pull quote work together in the grid system, and most importantly, how the title type works with the cover design make this a really strong entry. The type is nicely presented on the page, but the script font ties the idea of 'magnetic tape, throughout the book.

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