Friday, March 4, 2011

Revising contents page

I got some advice on the contents page from Will and Ollie, I was happy with it, but they pointed out that the leading on 'please enjoy magnetic tape' was too much, and also that the line below it was far too thick. I didn't agree at first, but I tired reducing the leading and liked it a lot better, here is just some quick modifications to it. I introduced a 'thanks' section as well. I thought it would be appropriate to make sure full credit was given to those who have helped me with this project (including by the end of this print technicians Caroline and Gareth.) I'm really happy with where this contents page has ended up, and although I haven't tried a huge variety of things, I do think it goes with the chosen cover design quite nicely. The use of the script font to highlight the contents, as a pose to the small 10pt bebas type with arrows that points out the other sections of type, really highlights it as the most significant feature on the page in terms of the hierarchy. I'm of course going to print a proof and make changes to the body copy appropriately if needs be.

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