Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design Progress Boards

I was asked by Paul to produce a series of boards that quickly demonstrate what we're doing in terms of the covers and the spreads to give to Sue:

It kind of summarised very broadly the things we are using, as well as the 3 photograph system for each course that we're thinking of using. Apparently everything is fine except for the idea of using a photograph for the cover. Sue is worried that you can't summarise an entire course in one photograph and she's worried about the preconceptions that that may give out. I disagree, but I can see her point and so we have to think of ways around this, by using designs we've been working on and modifying them. I kind of wish we'd have been told this earlier, that Paul had consulted Sue earlier so we didn't have this sprung on us last minute.

Paul has a book that he wants the cover to be similar too, I haven't got photographs yet but when I do, I will put them up on this post. Suffice to say, we have to now get a quote for a cover of 400gsm board, a foilblock and no colour on it.

Here are some designs I have worked on for the yearbook, they're all very similar but I need other people in the group to start taking them apart and putting the,m back together differently. This is something Kate and Ross will be working on over the next few days too:

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