Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crit Feedback

Today we had a crit on the work we'd done so far. The feedback I had was largely positive in terms of the visuals I had created, which, to be honest, doesn't mean a great deal. As Fred has said for a long time, making things look good is what you do, that's second nature.

The main thing I took from the Crit was the fact that with everything that I've done, I have only really gone with one direction and haven't tried that many things out. For the Magnetic Tape zine, I think it's probably fair enough and I am responding to this as we speak (appearing on blog shortly). In terms f the year book, it's semi-valid, however it's early days and I've just tried one thing, whilst other people in the team have tried other things, so you know, although that is somewhat valid, I don't feel they quite understood the bigger picture with it.

In terms of research etc. they seemed to think the research was good and relevant, they also felt I had a good understanding of the audience, both with the magnetic tape zine and the year book. But something I need to do is write a formal brief for the yearbook, it seems odd saying this, but I did get stuck into it, knowing what the brief was, but I haven't formally written it. So that needs to happen so I can constantly refer back to it.

The questions I asked sort of became irrelevant, in that where I'd asked what was working, the response was 'you haven't tried enough different things out for us to make that call. Which is fair enough. So for the afternoon I have a meeting with the fashion team at 2, and then I'm going to try and bang some different directions out for the Magnetic tape zine. In terms of the Fashion yearbook, I guess in terms of how I approach it, I guess it depends on how the meeting goes.

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