Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Magnetic Tape, hindrances and progress

Here's the results of screen-printing on bulky newsprint, off white sugar paper, antique paper and a cream-yellow stock. All of which picked up the ink OK, though some of the prints came out dodgy, and didn't bleed to unreadable levels. Unfortunately the crop marks refuse to come through, making it very difficult to line-up, to the point where I'd end up spending weeks getting enough prints that were aligned correctly on the duplex. So, I am going to have to either; strip and re-expose the screens, hoping the crop marks work properly, make a template for the size using a window-mount type device or consider another option.

One option is to laser print it, which I will try when the Fashion yearbook dies down a bit after tomorrow, another possibility is to turn it into an A0 poster, of which there is a little development below. It will fold down to the same size it was before and probably have the tape velcro-d to the back. I need to see the possibilities with this, because it might be that there is only day-glo papers in this size, and that might be OK, but it might reduce the legibility of the type.

Is Not Magazine, inspiration for the A0 poster idea:

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