Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion Yearbook, further issues

Just as we seem to have one thing sorted out, it feels like more issues emerge. All of a sudden, out of the blue, two days before we have to pitch the our final proposals to the BAGD team they want a colour code, and they want to print colour onto that brown uncoated, not ink-ready paper stock. We're going to print a mock up and show them how this won't work, that if they want this paper stock, they need to either emboss onto it or foil-block onto it for it to look effective.

I feel slightly jaded by having these huge changes going on all of the time. They agreed to a type-face weeks ago, only to say they didn't like it a week ago, causing a, not insurmountable, but still unnecessarily late obstacle, and this feels like another large and difficult hurdle. I almost feel that now, we're having the design direction completely dictated to us and it feels unpleasant because they hired us to design, and therefor I was under the assumption that they agreed we knew better about design than them, or else what is the point in us being there?

On reflection, perhaps I should have formalised the agreements they made about typefaces and so on at an earlier date. But now, I guess it's about trying to reclaim as much of the design direction as we can by being firm with them about the things we know won't work. We have a meeting today to try and resolve these design issues and I want us to take a hardline, because ultimately we want it to look the best it can and what they want us to do, I strongly believe isn't the best for the yearbook.

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