Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Film Makers: Kubrick

Here's some different things on Kubrick that might prove useful in terms of what I could do with the book of essays on him:
wikipeida's basic profile:

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) was an American film director, writer, producer, and photographer who lived in England during most of the last four decades of his career. Kubrick was noted for the scrupulous care with which he chose his subjects, his slow method of working, the variety of genres he worked in, his technical perfectionism, and his reclusiveness about his films and personal life. He maintained almost complete artistic control, making movies according to his own whims and time constraints, but with the rare advantage of big-studio financial support for all his endeavors.

Kubrick's films are characterized by a formal visual style and meticulous attention to detail—his later films often have elements of surrealism and expressionism that eschews structured linear narrative. His films are repeatedly described as slow and methodical, and are often perceived as a reflection of his obsessive and perfectionist nature. A recurring theme in his films is man's inhumanity to man. While often viewed as expressing an ironic pessimism, a few critics feel his films contain a cautious optimism when viewed more carefully.

Filmography from IMDB:
1999 Eyes Wide Shut
1962 Lolita
1960 Spartacus
1953 The Seafarers (short)
1951 Day of the Fight (documentary short)
1951 Flying Padre: An RKO-Pathe Screenliner (documentary short)

Of those, his most celebrated works are Dr Strangelove, 2001, A clockwork Orange, Paths of Glory, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket.

Famous scenes form his work:

A Clockwork Orange:

The Shining (Kubrikian Corridor):

These things are useful. I think one thing I should take away on a more conceptual route, rather than a literal route, is the idea that he was ruthlessly methodical and precise. Maybe I can do something about this as part of his cover design.

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