Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Castle, Your Castle questions

Wuestions for interview with Sam Wells, just need him to get back in touch:

Hi, I'm working to a deadline of the last day of March to screen print them all, so as soon as possible would be great! In terms of tracks, I'd like to put Fuckin' Magnets on there, if that's OK with you?

When you send me the high res photos, it's best to do it through proper email, mine is

OK so now some questions:

For those unaware, who are you and what is your role in my castle, your castle?

What bands inspired you to play the music you do in my castle your castle?

What's the process when you're writing songs?

Your music and particularly the vocal delivery is fraught with emotion, when writing songs, is the goal to make something that's cathartic to yourselves? Or to make something that others can feed off of emotionally?

The scene you're immersed in is very much DIY, could you elaborate on your own feelings about making music DIY-style?

Being based in England, I'm unaware of what the scene is like in Scotland, is there a lot emerging? Or do you find it easier to come across like-minded people over here?

What's the best experience of playing in My Castle, Your Castle so far?

And what was the hardest?

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